The Anamorava Region belongs to geological changes which were caused by the tectonic movements .This relief was built by tectonic vertical movements in which case some parts of the earth were lowered and some upraised.

This conclusion is proved by the April and May earth quakes of 2002.Some parts of the relief have been raised caused by the inner explosions from the depth of the earth inside .

It is known that the rock of the earth is built by the different magmatic layers and the volcanic eruptions.

Morava e Epërme ,as far as the relief is concerned ,can recognized by its tectonic hills and valleys .The hills and woods are very old (old mountains) with rounded low peaks. These mountain valleys are very rich with minerals .Exactly in these mountains and hills it can be noticed the effect of volcanoes which left behind the rounded peaks. These volcanoes have extracted different minerals by the under ground water on the rock of the earth, which do the absorption of minerals and gather them in the Morava e Epërme valley.

There are rare areas which have so many curing minerals in such a little area as it is the Anamorava .

The Morava valley is the collector of the mineral waters.

The mineral waters gather exactly in Kllokot. There is another Natural phenomenon here being that Magma is very close the earth surface which releases the temperature by which the water gets the heat.

The Kllokot water apart from being mineral water it is a thermomineral water .

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